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  • SelfieApp: Make An Original Fake Real app that makes Fake Selfies! Change your background, lighting and geotag in 3 clicks! We believe nothing should stop people from traveling to beautiful places. We think that you are the main attraction on a selfie – and it’s wrong when your photo is ignored online because of a boring background. We are also pretty sure that this world needs more fun. For these three reasons we’ve created SelfieApp. SelfieApp is not for taking selfies, but for faking selfies by replacing their backgrounds within a few seconds being snapped. SelfieApp is built on our brand-new unique algorithm that performs cutting-out automatically and with almost human accuracy. It doesn’t require any special skills, backcloth or manual keying. SelfieApp works wherever you are, and all that you need to do – is 3 clicks. So you can show up at the world’s most beautiful showplaces without leaving home! Go ahead, enjoy SelfieApp and spoof your buddies!

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